Small world exists to inspire people to connect with themselves and find happiness in small things by opening their heart and mind to our surroundings. My goal is to wake up the curiosity and adventurous spirit that lies in our nature to begin exploring from your own hometowns to the entire planet; and if you already have this in you then I aim to help you with tips on how to start, where to go, how to plan a trip, and share some cool travel tools we all need.


I’m Jenniffer; I am in my early twenties, graduated as an accountant, have a full-time job, and live in Panama. I enjoy watching sports, trying new food, and I’m almost always planning my next trip when I’m not working. Where I live, there is a huge community of expats and I love trying their food, listening to their music, learn about their culture and hear about a new corner in the world to explore.





There is definitely not one way to live, but here you’ll see a little of mine and hopefully inspiration to get up from the couch and go explore as well as ideas of what to do, how to budget, amazing cities and maybe you’ll end up going somewhere you didn’t know you wanted to go.